Monday, May 27, 2013

This morning I finished the K-9 Graduation book

K-9 Demonstration, Thursday

This year the annual St. Paul Canine Graduation was especially poignant. The highlight for me, was seeing St. Paul K-9 officer, David Longbehn demonstrate the talents of his new police dog, "Duke".  After all that this man has been through in recent years it was incredible to see this pair in action.  It felt somewhat like the Phoenix rising from the flames.  Indeed, it was a beautiful day for new opportunities and new challenges.  Officer Longbehn said it best when he talked about his new K-9 partner with a reporter, "This is my last new beginning".

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Spirit Lake Afternoon

Wednesday afternoon I created a short timelapse at one of my favorite fishing spots up on the Iron Range.  It was a gorgeous afternoon, with ice out and the trees beginning to bud.  Although it was just a quick trip, I had a great time visiting my mom.  While I was in Chisholm I stopped by the cemetery where so many of my relatives are buried.  I always visit my dad.

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