Monday, June 28, 2010

Working With Our "Sphere" Partners

J&K Creative! is a member of the Westonka BNI group (Business Networking International). For three years we have participated by helping our fellow members build their customer base through a referral system. One great way we can do that is to focus on the businesses in our group that share common customers. For us, that means the florist, the salon and others.

Recently we collaborated on a photoshoot for one of our upcoming brides. Bayside, Just Because provided a bouquet for our photo session and Seidou Salon helped us with hair and makeup. To repay them for their generosity we are providing mounted 8x10 prints for each of them to use in their facilities. We see this as a win win opportunity for all of us to grow.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Networking With Your Fellow Photographers

It seems more common these days that we are teaming up with fellow photographers. Today our good friend, Anita Jader and I photographed a 50th wedding anniversary at the Lafayette Club on Lake Minnetonka. The largest portrait featured 20 family members that came in from around the US for this occassion. Not only did we photograph the large group, we also made portraits of all the various family combinations.
It is always a learning experience to see how other photographers apply their unique styles and approaches to projects like this. Anita is an excellent photographer and it was a pleasure to work with her as her assistant.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Food For The Soul

Despite the predictable case of sunburn and the sore muscles from hauling overflowing coolers in and out of the car, yesterday was just about the best Father's Day I can remember. The only exception would be the many years of celebrating with my own father.

This one was all about family and great friends. From butterflies to boating we soaked in all the sites, sounds and smells of a beautiful weekend day. All the kids checked in to wish me the best, and for the boys I could recipricate as they are fathers, as well. Our great friend, Gigi, hosted our gathering at her home on Lake Minnetonka and she could not have been more gracious and welcoming. This Father's Day provided large portions of food for the soul.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Take the "Studio Thinking" Outdoors

Yesterday we worked on some interesting lighting techniques for outdoor portraiture. To some degree we tried to duplicate lighting that is normally associated with studio work. One of the ways that professional photographers can consistently have images rise above the prosumer level is to use "off camera flash". By using pocket wizards and portable flash units it is possible to create a studio look in outdoor sessions. Photographers, such as Hanson Fong and Doug Box are masters at creating these controlled environments to make images "pop" with an almost 3-D quality. If you are working outdoors on a dreary, grey day and need to bring "life" to your images consider taking your studio lighting style outdoors.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Relevent Posting On Facebook

Every once in a while I see a Facebook entry that launches a “posting relevance” rant. For reasons unknown some Facebook members occasionally decide to issue a decree that all postings should be of a certain level of relevance. Apparently a review panel should be assembled to search out the “yum” and “hubby” comments and dispatch them to Facebook purgatory, where they shall remain until the end of time.

Facebook is fun. It’s a way for friends and family to check in now and then. It provides a place for people to let folks know what is new in their world. It also provides a way to share opinions on current events. For people separated by generations it opens communication lanes. For people separated by oceans it creates a wonderful way to stay in touch. My advice to those ranters is to open their hearts just a bit and understand that not everyone’s life is as exciting or intellectually lofty as their own. If you have a Facebook friend that irritates you hide them or dump them. If the “peanut butter and jelly for lunch” postings are too much for you just relegate your free membership to Facebook purgatory.

By the way, I just mowed the lawn.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Children's Photography

Every once in a while we photograph little people!

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